by Anson the Ornery

Anson the Ornery’s conceptual album and performance Ferrule is named for a band of metal that joins two objects together. Playing on the idea of the artist as the last shaman Ferrule creates a spiritual ritual in a pop setting by connecting the audience with the spirit world. Using music, elaborate sets and interactive video Ferrule leads the audience on an introspective journey through different astral planes. This full sensory multimedia spectacle is captured on a quality recording accompanied by a colorful album sleeve depicting Anson as a liaison between the mortal and spirit realms. To delineate the role of a shaman Anson is portrayed in a music video as a medium leading a group of socialites in a seance that quickly becomes out of hand . Ferrule is as much a movement as a concert, promoting harmony among individuals and their surrounding with lyrics of unity. To share in the rite of communion a national tour will bring Ferrule’s exploration into the ethereal realm from town to town asking the audience to question reality in order to build their own domain of peace. Please join in the revelry surrounding Ferrule’s message of interconnectedness to find a tranquility in one's self and the universe at large.